demo 2016

by Black Palate

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released October 25, 2016

recorded in June 2016 in Twins Studio, mixed and mastered by Damian Chabros

5 track CD out on Mark My Words Records



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Black Palate Lublin, Poland

4 piece hardcore band from the Eastern Poland. Established in late 2015.

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Track Name: A Ladder
I don’want to live in place like this and I’m sure you don’t want it too
I hate being afraid of tomorrow for reasons which shouldn’t exist in any form
Inside these cities shrouded in smoke we continue foul imitation of life
With no plans and no dreams, depression scores a success on and on

A ladder of chaos
Step by step we’re closer
To become perfect slaves

I’ll burn like a torch and won’t be afraid
Wake up the beast inside me

I’ll spit on every symbol
With a smile on my lips
Use my mind as a sword
To fight for my dignity

I have only one life
And I won’t spend it on my knees
I despise their rules
I know the best what is proper for me

I’ll Wake up the beast
Track Name: Bliss
You live in a cage
Packed in a box made of constant lies
Mesmerized by those who want to
Take full control of our lives, slowly stupefy
And bring us down

Bliss of ignorance
And You’re blessed from birth
In romance with illusion we bite our own tails

Bliss of ignorance
We’re all blessed from birth
Fed with illusion
We’re chasing ourselves

I don’t know what is real any more
And I’m sure – I don’t want to search for any truth
I’m done

Depending on what we see on the screen
We live in distinct realities
From hour to hour point of view is totally changing
I don’t have any reasons to believe, not this time
Track Name: Not Like You
No morals, No honor
You don’t respect any rules,discipline
Virtual bullshit instead of real life, real experiences
I will never even think about being in your skin

Virtual prophets
with empty heads
If this is the vision of future
I’d rather be dead
Virtual philosophers
nothing in their heads
if this is the future
I’d rather be dead

These screams is the language of sidewalks
Of every street
In every shithole
I stand
In the centre of nowhere
Spitting my lungs out to tell you the truth
You’re pathetic
No one cares
about your feelings,your problems
your life and your crew
I hope you’ll die and we we’ll forget your name
I’ve got a thousand reasons not to be like you
Track Name: Sculptures
We stand above the grave
We’ve dug for ourselves

7 billion mindless puppets
Human race as a witness of it’s own demise
In the middle of nothing
We will end fossilized,frozen, like
Sculptures in the temple of the blind
Sculptures in the temple for the weak

Let’s follow our leaders
Drown in the sea of their empty lies
Don’t look for anyone, Don’t feel anything
Be their dream! And drown with them.

Like sculpture in the temple of the blind
Sculpture in the temple for the weak
Track Name: Black Palate
I’ve learnt to be like a stone
Cold and deaf to anything that is not my problem
I’ve become a phantom
Didn’t fit in any frames, didn’t fit with anyone, anything
In places like this it’s easier to be half-dead

Blind to injustice, dumb and weak
Wandering through life, toofuckin’ fast,
Worthless, pointless
To forget who I am, who I was and who I wanted to be
Welcome on the planet where people walk pale
Like ghosts

Like living dead

I can’t show you what I really mean
I won’t tell You these stories in few words, cause it’s hard to repeat
Our common past polluted by violence
We’re cruel, vicious, we all have the black